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FundLife International

About Us

FundLife International is a dynamic, non-profit, for-purpose organisation founded on a simple yet unflinching principle – that no child should be denied quality education and equitable opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

It starts with play,

We spark children’s desire to learn by promoting free play whether on their own or with others. Play is the natural way to learn and helps children build confidence, promotes motivation, and develops social skills, cognitive function, and mastery of their physical world.

Through play, we expose children to different situations and equip them with the skills and mindset necessary to prepare, adapt, and tackle real-life challenges that they will encounter in the future.

​Then comes the dream,

We encourage children to dream and set goals for themselves to achieve. Like play, dreaming is second nature to children, we nurture their colorful imaginations and creative visions of the future, and encourage them to pursue their aspirations- no matter how simple or seemingly impossible they may be .

“No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.”

Transforming adversity into opportunity

But the reality is - Not all children can play, not all children can dream,
not all children have easy access to education and opportunities to better their lives.

We work around these adversities to create ​holistic pathways to empower children from marginalised backgrounds. We ​restore hope and ​inculcate optimism, in the process, finding​ and ​supporting young ​people, giving them agency to affect positive change in their lives and those of their communities.

We engage with communities to spur timely and effective ​youth-centered solutions, ​developing​ strong and sustainable support system​s,​ essential to children'​ ​s personal​ growth and ​holistic life-long ​development​.​

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