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Volunteers to Skype with Chinese Students

Hosted by: Fu Hui Education Foundation


July 20 - August 6, 2013


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George King

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About Volunteers to Skype with Chinese Students

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Needed - Volunteers to Help Chinese Students Speak English via Skype

The Fu Hui Education Foundation ( has a very unique English Summer Camp Program planned for this year - from July 21st to August 6th, for about 55 of our sponsored students at the Hui Li Experimental High School in Sichuan, China ( The goal of the summer camp is to improve the students' pronunciation and speaking / listening skills. Located in a small city where qualify English teachers are hard to recruit, there is a desperate need for exposure to ‘native’ English speakers; especially when English accounts for 20% of the total scores for a college admission.

We developed a pilot a program to improve the students’ English proficiency, by interacting with them remotely - ie: via the Skype video calling feature. The students attending this summer camp are in the Senior 1 level (equivalent to Grade 10). This pilot summer camp is 17 days long (the eager students and volunteers on site do not take weekends off).

For these sessions, we are looking for English speakers with good pronunciation and grammar. These Skype sessions will be conducted with a ratio of 3 students to one tutor. We will provide written scripts for reference purposes for most of the Skype Sessions, so you will not be left to figure out what to talk about on your own.

We plan to give each student/group two hours of Skype session per day - one in the morning and one in the evening (probably 9am and 9:30pm; Eastern Daylight Saving Time) - details to be confirmed. If you are able to volunteer for both the AM or PM sessions, that would be ideal, if not, either the AM or PM session would be appreciated as well.

Number of Positions: 25

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