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The great Nelson Mandela said, "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."  As I think about these words, and consider their profound guidance, I am left with the question, are we investing enough in the development of our youth? 

Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders, our young people, is what the IYB does, as it is its outright mission. Ensuring that opportunities exist for our community’s youth to: participate civically in society; achieve academically; enjoy recreational programming in support of health and wellness; and develop into contributing citizens. 

Development programs such as the College Discovery Program (CDP), Paul Schreurs Memorial Program (PSMP) and Big Brothers/Big Sisters (BBBS) provide participants with mentorship and academic support, capturing youth as early as middle school. 

Programs foster civic engagement such as Youth Employment Services (YES) and Ithaca Youth Council.

Recreation Support Services (RSS) promote inclusion and provide opportunities for those with disabilities to be active participants in society. 

Cass Park provides facilities where our community can gather and participate in recreation programming year round; we are currently fundraising for to enclose the arena.

Scholarship programming to ensure that all families and youth are able to enjoy Youth Bureau offerings regardless of socio-economic status.  

Through its programming and facilities, the Ithaca Youth Bureau actively seeks ways to inspire and advocate for our youth.  IYB is Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders. 

Now it’s our turn to reciprocate; as parents, family, friends and guardians of the next generation; to do our part to ensure that we empower our future leaders with the tools they need to impact this world in a meaningful way. 

Your support of the Friends of the Ithaca Youth Bureau is how you can directly affect the lives of our youth and show our commitment to tomorrow’s leaders. Together, we will continue to make a difference, Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders! 


Friends of the Ithaca Youth Bureau is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, but we are still in the early stages of development. New members are always welcome. Check back often for updates, and get in touch with us about how you can get involved!

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About the Organization

Friends of Ithaca Youth Bureau

The Friends of the Ithaca Youth Bureau's mission is to promote positive, engaging opportunities for youth by raising community awareness of and building financial support for the services and programs of the Ithaca Youth Bureau.

The Cass Park Campaign is a capital campaign to encourage community support for enclosing the 47 year old arena. The City of Ithaca invested in the 2016 roof and ceiling renovation, and energy-efficient lighting. The glass enclosure could be built as soon as 2020 if the community participates by making gifts to the project through Friends of the Ithaca Youth Bureau.

FIYB, also known as "Friends", promotes and raises private support for the Ithaca Youth Bureau by developing donor campaigns, planning and implementing special events, forging new partnerships and strengthening existing ones, and otherwise engaging in activities that support the Ithaca Youth Bureau's capacity to serve the community.