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Fresh Start Program at Emerson Preschool

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Dr. Brittney D. Oliver

About Fresh Start Program at Emerson Preschool


We are seeking volunteers for Emerson Preschool's "Fresh Start" program, a Farm to Preschool program aimed at improving the nutritional health and well-being of our preschoolers. Volunteers are needed to consistently work with Emerson preschool children (infants through five years of age) on garden and health related activities on Fridays (beginning September 15) from 8:00 AM- 11:00 AM.

Volunteers will lead Emerson Preschool Children in age-appropriate garden and health-related activities, in the garden or classroom (depending on the weather) around healthy eating, gardening, how plants grow, nurturing the garden, etc.; provide minimal, basic upkeep of the small Emerson School Garden (Emerson can teach the basics in case the volunteer does not have any gardening experience); and assist a team in the development of a Fresh Start Curriculum Guide for use by future volunteers, parents and teachers working with children.

Volunteers need to have patience and be comfortable with leading small groups of young children in activities.

If you cannot come every Friday, we ask that you attend as many Friday's as possible. The more sessions volunteers participate in, the easier it is for the program.

Application Process

Training sessions for Fresh Start lessons must be completed prior to volunteering and can be scheduled by Dr. Oliver. For those interested in this weekly volunteer opportunity, contact Dr. Brittney D. Oliverl at 662-325-0401 or

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

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    Health and Wellness

Are a skilled:

  • Mentor

Are interested in:

  • The outdoors
    The Outdoors
  • Cooking
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    Food & Drink
  • Gardening
  • Intellectual pursuits
    Intellectual Pursuits

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