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Freedom Inc

About Us

We are survivors, who are changing the world for ourselves!

Freedom, Inc (FI) is a bold, dynamic, and strong collective of Black, Hmong and Cambodian elder women, youth, queer, trans, and intersex survivors who are creating the world we want to live in.

In order to create this world, we are ever committed to our mission: to end violence within and against our communities. We know that there are many forms and expressions of violence that we must resist, including interpersonal violence like domestic and sexual violence, and also racial violence through unjust systems of policing, mass incarceration, poverty etc.

We know that the creativity, tools, solutions and power that we need to build the world we want and deserve, is within our communities-- so we hone our critical strategies in building up the leadership of our communities to carry out this important work. We know that a single issue will not be enough to create this bold new world, so we work on many issues that impact us and our lives. Our communities are our campaign.

Our approach to ending violence within and against our communities is to:

Direct services: life saving culturally specific services and advocacy for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and other gender based violence, to stop the harm that survivors experience

Leadership Development: education on the different forms of violence, skills training to interrupt interpersonal, community and systems violence--this increases empowerment for survivors to be agents of personal and social change. We have 8 different youth groups, and 3 different women groups where we do this work.

Grassroots community organizing: inspiring local initiatives and campaigns that address the root causes of violence against survivors, and propose bold solutions and visions for a new world. Here are two examples:

Brittingham Playground:

Community Control Over the Police:


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