Foxcroft Farm Harvest Program

Foxcroft Farm Harvest Program

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The mission of Foxcroft Farm Harvest Program is to develop, support and sustain effective and affordable educational opportunities for children and youth that will help them to be independent, productive, responsible, caring and contributing members of their community.
Established in 2000 Harvest works hard to provide our most needy youth affordable access to the resources and support they need to become engaged in their education and to grow into confident, capable and caring adults.
Located at Foxcroft Farm in Leicester, the Harvest utilizes the farm’s agricultural resources to support the educational and personal development needs of its participating youth, as well as a diverse range of local community projects and needs. At Harvest, we sow the seeds of opportunity that help youth grow their strengths and interests, reap their best efforts and share what they produce with their community. Our practice is natural, meaningful and effective. Foxcroft Farm Harvest Program provides educational activities that offer local youth the opportunity to discover their strengths and to develop a sense of self worth while taking a meaningful role in their community. We help our students to be actively engaged in educational activities that can creatively bring relevance to their academic subjects outside of the traditional classroom. We support these students with hands-on and service learning activities that allow them to feel capable and excited about learning.

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