Blizzard Bags

A fundraising campaign for Foodnet Meals on Wheels

A holiday campaign for Foodnet Meals on Wheels

Will You Help Us Fund Our Emergency Meal Program?

This program benefits more than 500 clients!

"Once in awhile there are problems that might interrupt us from delivering our meals. So in order to make sure everybody's got food to eat whenever they need it, we prepare Blizzard Bags. The blizzard bags have a variety of shelf-stable foods to provide four easy meals. Clients have it set aside, and those days when we can't deliver they have food to eat."

- Steve Griffin, Executive Director of Foodnet Meals on Wheels

Help our seniors make it through the long winter months ahead.

The Blizzard Bag program ensures that our homebound, elderly, and disabled will have something to eat until the next meal delivery. We also replace Blizzard Bags throughout the winter months immediately after each non-delivery day.

Your gift will be used to support the Blizzard Bag program and daily meals for people who can't afford them. Foodnet Meals on Wheels clients are mostly senior citizens, but they can be people of any age who have a really hard time going out to the grocery store to shop and prepare meals for themselves.

If we exceed our goal, the additional funding will be used for supporting daily meals for people who can't afford them.

Foodnet Meals on Wheels is the only meals on wheels provider in Ithaca and Tompkins County.

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About the Organization

Foodnet Meals on Wheels

Foodnet Meals on Wheels' mission is to provide meals and other nutrition services that promote dignity, well being and independence for older adults and other persons in need in Tompkins County.