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FOCUS Churches of Albany, Inc.

About Us

Since 1967, the FOCUS Churches of Albany have joined together as God's servant people in programs of community service and common worship. Celebrating our diversity -- working together in unity! We welcome all people to join us in an adventure that puts feet on our faith.

With your generous support, the FOCUS Interfaith Food Pantry (at Emmanuel Baptist Church) and the "Breakfast Club" (at Westminster Presbyterian Church), our staff and volunteers have made the acquaintance of some of the neediest persons in our neighborhoods. Crises come knocking at our doors every day of the week, involving food, housing, clothing and legal and medical needs, as well as spiritual direction and counseling. Thanks to you, we can respond personally and make referrals to appropriate agencies and resources.

Probably like you, FOCUS Churches believes that mercy and justice go hand-in-hand. We work for the day when food pantries and soup kitchens are no longer needed. With your support we will continue to reach out to those most affected: the homeless, the food insecure, minimum wage workers and the unemployed. We help give the poor a voice in the halls of government. We call on all faith communities and concerned citizens to move from charity-only responses, to embracing justice. Hunger and poverty are moral issues and political problems. We seek to be a faithful voice, advocating for ways that America's bounty can be shared fairly with ALL of its citizens.


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Poverty and Hunger
Social Justice

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