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Florida Wildlife Care, Inc.

Florida Wildlife Care, Inc.

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Florida Wildlife Care is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the care and conservation of native wildlife and habitat in Florida through education, rehabilitation and study. Our purposes are to increase community awareness through education; to assist injured and orphaned wildlife through rehabilitation and release; and to work closely with government agencies, wildlife managers and researchers to improve wildlife conservation efforts.

Florida Wildlife Care was founded in 1992 by three rehabilitators who handled wildlife problems for the Alachua County Humane Society in Gainesville, Florida. Because of the increasing specific demand for wildlife care, it became necessary to create an independent organization.

As urbanization and development encroach upon our wild lands, human contact with wildlife increases. This contact frequently disrupts and damages wild creatures, and intervention is necessary to restore a healthy natural balance. FWC continues to work toward developing our wildlife hospital and sanctuary as we work out of our present facility at Boulware Springs Waterworks Park.


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