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Alternative Breaks

Hosted by: Florida International Univeristy


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Patricia Lopez-Guerrero

About Alternative Breaks

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Alternative Breaks is a fun and exciting way to get your fix of community service. Through diversity, education, and leadership training, immerse yourself in diverse cultures and environments around the world. The experiences, friends, and memories that you will create throughout the aB program are unforgettable. Alternative Breaks gives students the chance to travel near and far, push boundaries, and learn about issues that affect all types of communities. This program also provides service-learning through strong direct service, this hands-on approach gives students a greater sense of community and self. Monthly workshops are used to train, educate, and prepare participants for this life-changing journey. While on their trips, participants are given the chance to reflect on their days work and create a stronger relationship with their team members. The aB program promotes simple living, diversity, and an alcohol and other drug free experience.

We need volunteers to help with:

Winter Site - Lower 9th Ward

December 15, 2013 7:00pm
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aB winter site to New Orleans, LA. This site will be working with the Lower 9th Ward.

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