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Flathead Valley Rocket Rally event

Hosted by: Flathead Valley Rocket Rally

This is a past opportunity

About Flathead Valley Rocket Rally event


At the Rally (Thurs, 23 May 2019), I would need 3 mechanically minded volunteers to help at the launch pads, just to help any teams that may need it, to verify the rockets are secure before being pressurized, to help out if the launch pad needs any adjustments, and then pressurize the rocket. Also, as many folks (I strive for at least 10, prefer more, in the a.m. and end of day) that would like to help with set-up (canopies, tables, signs, etc), get lunch organized, and clean-up at the end of the day. Free lunch for volunteers. If volunteers can not stay the whole day, the timing is such that folks can come in the morning and get back to work, and different crews can come in for the lunch organization and for the end of day clean-up if that works best for them. I would like if the "launch pad supervisors" could stay all day, but switching out at lunch time would work as well.
We start set-up at 7am to make sure all is ready for when the students arrive (bet 8:30 and 9am) and the kids need to be back on the busses by 3:00 pm to get back to their schools to go home, so clean-up starts just prior to 3.


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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