Are You Game for Giving?!

Help Fellowship Housing create a game room at our Group Home! Your contributions will go towards purchasing board games, books, crafting supplies, and more!

A fundraising campaign for Fellowship Housing Opportunities Inc.

Our Residents at Chesley Street love doing crafts, playing games, and having fun! Unfortunately, funding for these activities is limited and we haven't always been able to provide people with the supplies or tools needed to engage in these activities. Thanks to the organizational vision of our new Executive Director, Nancy Egner, Fellowship Housing plans to create a fully stocked Game Room filled with books, board games, adult coloring books, crafting supplies, and more! However, we are relying on donations such as yours to raise a portion of the money necessary to purchase these items and create the exciting and cozy Game Room we have envisioned! 

Participating in leisure activities with other people has been proven to facilitate positive social skills, decrease anxiety, grow creative problem solving skills, and improve quality of life.  Here at Fellowship Housing, our mission is to provide safe, decent, affordable housing to residents of the community living with severe and persistent mental illness, but we also believe in rehabilitation and community integration and feel that those goals are essential to the vision of the organization.  Providing the opportunities needed by our residents who require the most support to improve their social and recreational skills is something we feel strongly about, and with your help we hope to raise the money needed to accomplish these goals.  Even a small contribution will help make a big difference, so THANK YOU for your continuing support!

Just a few weeks ago, our residents carved spooktacular jack o' lanterns to display in the large picture window of their communal living room!  The money you raise during this campaign will go towards activities such as this.  

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About the Organization

Fellowship Housing Opportunities Inc.

Fellowship Housing is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to creating and preserving quality affordable housing, and collaborating with other providers to support long-term stability in our renters’ lives.

Our Vision:
A community in which people with mental illness are able to manage their daily lives, be good neighbors, access resources, and find acceptance.

Our Mission:
Fellowship Housing provides decent, safe, affordable housing with support to members of our community who live with mental illness.

Our Values:
We believe that:
• Recovering from mental illness is possible.
• It is essential to our success as housing providers that we be respectful, accessible, and interested in our tenants.
• In order to fulfill our mission, we must be accountable to our tenants, funding sources, business partners and the community.
• It is our responsibility to share our expertise, skills, talent and resources to promote decent, safe, affordable housing for people living with mental illness.

To find out more, please visit our website: or...

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