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Good Food Movement

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About Good Food Movement


When you eat food grown by family farmers, you know what you’re getting — honest, real food grown by people who care about their land, their community, and their future. Farm Aid is working to increase your access to family farmed food.

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Growing the Good Food Movement

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Good food from family farmers helps you and helps farmers. Getting food directly from farmers at farmers markets or through community-support agriculture (CSAs) puts your dollars directly into the hands of family farmers and you receive the best quality food . But for more family farmers to thrive , we must get the food that they grow into urban neighborhoods, grocery stores, restaurants and schools.
You Can Help

Farm Aid challenges us all to take personal responsibility for the food choices we make. With every purchase of a family farm product, we create a future of better food and more family farms.

Learn more about the issues affecting family farmers and the food you eat.
Find family farmed food.
Get to know your food.
Take action to speak up for family farmers.
Join the conversation on, connecting people to the land and to each other.
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