Feed Our Families

When people think of food donations they often think of the holiday season but in the summer when our children are home from school we need your help!

A fundraising campaign for Family Promise of Greater Nashua

Ah....Summer!  Here at last!

When you think of summer it surely includes foods like fresh watermelon and strawberries, corn, hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, and ice cream...lots and lots of ice cream!  

The families here at Anne Marie House love those foods too!  But they are fresh, perishable items that we have to purchase.  Even a small contribution can help our families have a wonderful summer.

Please help us 

Feed Our Families.

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About the Organization

Family Promise of Greater Nashua

Imagine, as a parent, not knowing where you and your children will sleep at night. Imagine all of your belongings loaded into your car and having nowhere to go. Our goal is to End Homelessness, One Family at a Time. Our focus is on protecting the family unit and saving families. Unique in the area, Family Promise of Greater Nashua serves families of all compositions, including veteran families that do not qualify for other programs. Our objective is to equip families with the tools and skills they need to rise from homelessness to self-sufficiency; from crisis to sustainable lifestyles that include secure housing, steady income, and reliable transportation.