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Family Promise Volunteer Opportunities

Hosted by: Family Promise of Gainesville, Florida, Inc.


Ongoing Opportunity


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Jayne Moraski

About Family Promise Volunteer Opportunities


Family Promise was almost all volunteer-run before Covid-19 struck and changed our shelter structure. Now, every night of the year, volunteers serve dinner and act as evening hosts for the guests of this 90-day program. So we invite you to bring dinner for 15 (plus yourself) and get to know the amazing and resilient folks who graduate from our program. There are many different ways to get involved. Contact us at for more information.

Application Process

Groups and families can come and just hang out. You never know how the night will go. There may be lots of kids ready to play, or sleepy kids tucked away. So flexibility is key. Even if guests aren't around, just being a safety net for families in need is what it is all about. We do require a quick background check for all volunteers who stay overnight with our guests. And all our adult guests are background checked for everyone's safety.


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

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    Emergency Response
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    Community Advocacy
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    Homelessness & Housing
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    Poverty and Hunger
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    Women's Issues
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    Social Justice

Are a skilled:

  • Gabber
  • Culinary artist
    Culinary Artist
  • Social savant
    Social Savant
  • Maestro
  • Grand poobah
    Grand Poobah

Are interested in:

  • Food drink
    Food & Drink
  • Cooking
  • Fun games
    Fun & Games

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