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Medical Services

Hosted by: Family Planning Center of Ocean City


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About Medical Services


A complete gynecological examination is necessary for continued good health. We offer all of the following:
• Pelvic Exam.
• Breast Exam (and instructions for Breast Self-Exam).
• Pap Smear (conventional and liquid based).
• Screenings for anemia, elevated blood sugar, urinary tract infections, blood pressure, and sexually transmitted infections.

Birth Control:

FPCOC offers a wide range of FDA-approved methods for birth control. These include:

• Oral Contraceptives (Birth control pills)
• Depo Provera (“The Shot”)
• Ortho-Evra (“The Patch”)
• Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
• Diaphragms
• Condoms
• Nuvaring

Natural family planning is also available, please call.

We need volunteers to help with:


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FPCOC is always looking for volunteers to assist us in our Lakewood office on a weekly or monthly basis. We have volunteer opportunities for everyone, ranging from high school students to senior citizens. Assist us with clerical duties, mailings, distribute flyers, provide community outreach, and administrative duties. Volunteers are also needed to help us with fundraising activities. If you are willing to donate your time, please contact us at 732-364-9696 .

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