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Compeer of the Lehigh Valley

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Ms. Casey Garrett
(610) 435-9651

About Compeer of the Lehigh Valley


Compeer is a volunteer companionship program, facilitating supportive one-to-one friendship matches between persons in mental health recovery and trained community volunteers.

The Compeer philosophy recognizes the benefit of friendship to people who are striving for good mental health. Compeer volunteers offer social and emotional support to individuals in mental health recovery. The Compeer staff recruits, trains, matches, and monitors the volunteers who build one-to-one (same sex) friendship relationships with people receiving mental health services. Clients are referred to Compeer by their mental health professionals.

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Compeer volunteers are adults, 18 and older, who come from all walks of life, all races, all religions, and from both urban and rural areas. Training is provided at the convenience of the volunteer, and Compeer staff and the referring mental health professional are available to support the match and answer questions.

Volunteers spend at least four hours a month with their friends doing the things that friends do -- maybe taking walks, going shopping, attending movies or concerts, watching sports events, or just sharing time together. Since volunteers and Compeer members plan outings according to what works best for their schedules, being a Compeer friend is a fun, flexible way to make a difference in someone's life!
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