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About Factoryville Shade Tree Meetings

Arbor day group 2011

The Factoryville Shade Tree Commission holds public meetings to discuss permits for tree pruning, removals, and planting along the public right of ways in Factoryville. Meetings are held the first Monday of the month at 6 pm at the Factoryville Public Library, 161 College Avenue.

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  • Public Shade Tree Meetings
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    The Factoryville Shade Tree Commission meets each month on the first Monday at 6 p.m.; Factoryville Borough Hall Building, in the public library at the back of the building, 161 College Avenue, Factoryville.

    For assistance with a tree, please email the Shade Tree Commission

    Shade Tree Permits applications are reviewed monthly at the public shade tree meeting.

    Permits are needed for any tree pruning, removals, or planting along the right of ways of Factoryville Borough.
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