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Excellence by Design Education Center

Excellence by Design Education Center

About Us

Excellence by Design Education Center (EDEC)is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works to remove barriers that inhibit student progress and impedes learning. Students receive the maximum level of support to guarantee academic success. EDEC works with schools, learning centers and community organizations during the school day, after school, time out of school and during the summer.

EDEC uses the “Whole Village” Approach. The “Whole Village” approach allows EDEC to develop the “Whole Child”. Programs and services address the educational, social, cultural, and economic needs of each child to help tear down barriers of children and youth who are already experiencing significant challenges and problems that place them at-risk of underachievement, school failure and/or becoming a dropout. Not only do EDEC address academic needs of children, but we also address economic and social needs. EDEC Outreach Program provides school supplies, uniforms and healthy snacks to children in need. EDEC also provide school supplies and uniforms to schools impacted by natural disaster and recently provided school supplies and uniforms to three school campuses impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Port Arthur and Orange Texas.

Currently EDEC operates 3 afterschool programs: (1)The Reach One Teach One Tutoring Program that provide tutoring to disadvantaged children and youth; (2) The I AM (Inspired and Motivated) Mentoring Program that is provided to children and youth ages 16-17 and (3) The IRISE (Intelligent, Resilient, Intellectual, Smart, Empowered) Publishing Academy where students write and publish their novels, memoirs, poetry, etc.

The Impact
EDEC programs have transformed minds and changed lives for underserved children and youth. During the summer EDEC served 25 youth through the following programs:
(1)Adventures in Reading and Math Program; (2) The Aviation and Stem Educational Field Trip Series; (T3) he Moving Forward: Keeping the Momentum Youth Conference and (4) School Supplies Giveaway). The outcomes were improvement in academic performance, changes in attitudes about learning, increase in self-confidence, self esteem and self-perception of academic competence, motivation to learn, and excitement about the upcoming school year and program.

EDEC is seeking funding to help raise $6250.00 for the IRISE (Intelligent, Resilient, Intellectual, Smart, Empowered) Publishing Academy Summer Camp.


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