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Excel Inc. - Morton, MS

Excel Inc. - Morton, MS

About Us

The Excel Community and Learning Center in Morton, Mississippi, serves the local community by providing educational and outreach services that are critical for this area. From its founding in 1999, Excel has provided an after school tutoring program for elementary age children, assisting them in the successful completion of their homework and providing practice with basic reading and math skills. Excel’s summer learning program for children helps them maintain and build important skills. Because a majority of the children attending Excel come from Spanish-speaking homes, assistance with homework and basic skills in the primary grades is critical for future success in school.
The Excel Community and Learning Center also provides important learning opportunities for adults. Conversational Spanish classes and basic level ESL classes are offered through the year, helping people build bridges of communication in our community. Child care workers, foster parents, health care personnel, and a wide variety of other adults attend CPR and First Aid classes at Excel annually, obtaining their needed certification. Computer classes empower people to improve their skills and increase their job possibilities. Other adult classes, for a nominal fee, are provided for people’s enrichment and enjoyment such as: pottery, crocheting, copper enameling, calligraphy, and chalk art.
Excel serves ordinary people in many ordinary ways: going online to obtain addresses and phone numbers of consulates, helping translate letters and documents from school, sending faxes, etc.
Many skilled, generous, and qualified adults volunteer at Excel to help fulfill the mission of this organization: to enhance education, promote community building, encourage community service, and foster healthy lives. They volunteer by teaching some of the adult classes, teaching in Excel’s summer program for children, assisting in the after school program through the year, and contributing their skills to Excel’s fund raisers.


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