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Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas

About Us

The Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas was founded by Sindi Rosales, a mother whose daughter, Jessica, has epilepsy. Sindi wanted to improve the experience of individuals and families who struggle with epilepsy. She has strengthened essential services offered to people with epilepsy, but there are still more people to help and the continued need to provide medical services and build supportive communities for people with epilepsy.

Impact Statement
Since 1993, the Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas has improved the lives of the more than 154,000 people with epilepsy who live in 79 Central and South Texas counties. Services include:
-Medical clinics and medication assistance
-Support groups and mental health counseling
-Youth summer camp and community education programs.

Through your gifts and support, these services are provided at no or very low cost to individuals and families affected by epilepsy. Your gift today helps the Foundation continue to connect people to essential services, participate as members of the epilepsy community, and improve lives.

Epilepsy affects all aspects of a person's life; learning to cope with and manage epilepsy takes coordination and specialized care. The Epilepsy Foundation is the only organization dedicated to the health and welfare of the more than 155,000 individuals with epilepsy living in Central and South Texas.

The Foundation provides important information, comfort, and assistance for people who struggle with healthcare, employment and transportation and often have nowhere else to turn. Helping people with epilepsy on their journey is a role we take very seriously. The Foundation strives to help people with epilepsy lead active productive lives in supportive communities.

Website: http://EFCST.org

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