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Emerge Vermont

Emerge Vermont

About Us

Emerge Vermont is the premier campaign training program for Democratic women. We inspire women to run, hone their skills to win, and create a vital statewide network for candidates and women in public office.

Vermont ranks 41st among the 50 states in gender parity of elected officials. We are one of only three states to never send a woman to Congress, have only ever elected one woman as governor and have only one current female mayor. Women make up only 20% of our state senators and fewer than 25% of our local selectboard members. In our progressive state, we can do better to achieve gender equality.

Diverse, inclusive bodies achieve better outcomes. Women's leadership skills are vital to ensuring that our government represents the interests of all citizens. Emerge Vermont has trained three classes of women, and will have 11 alumnae on the ballot for state office this year. Our alumnae are part of a network of over 1,500 women in 16 states who have been trained by an Emerge affiliate. Emerge Vermont helps to ensure women are elected to and heard at all levels of government.

Emerge Vermont is a non-profit political organization; contributions are not tax deductible.


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