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The world is changing; together we can guarantee diverse leaders and thinkers.

A fundraising campaign for ElevArte Community Studio
Participating in an art program teaches young people about collaboration, decision-making and critical thinking. When youth come to ElevArte they are nurtured and challenged to think outside of the box.

Like many of the youth we serve, when Lilly first arrived at ElevArte in 2011, she was going through a tough time in her personal life. Her grades in school were not the strongest, but she had passion for her community.

Lilly found two caring adults in the teaching artists that she worked with at ElevArte. She saw herself in them and was inspired by them. Lilly joined the Management Team of the We Are Hip Hop Youth Festival. This experience helped her refine her organizing and relationship-building skills and honed her ability to communicate with diverse audiences. Today her friends turn to her when they are hosting an event.

Today Lilly is a senior at DePaul University where she is double majoring in Political Science and Latin American/Latino Studies.  When she’s not busy studying or working she mentors young people at a local high school.

As Lilly reflects on her time at ElevArte, she shares, “The creativity that is allowed and encouraged was crucial in my development.”

Imagine if there weren’t any art programs to help Lilly along at a crucial time in her life. Lilly acknowledges that one of the important skills that ElevArte modeled for her was persistence. One of her proudest accomplishments is having stayed in college and working through the many challenges that arise.

Your support is essential in helping ElevArte assist our youth in reaching their higher potential. A gift from you today allows us to provide more young people with a safe space and mentoring.

Through the generosity of the Norris Family Foundation, every dollar we raise will be matched up to $10,000.
The world is changing; together we can guarantee diverse leaders and thinkers.


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About the Organization

ElevArte Community Studio

ElevArte Community Studio is a social impact organization that uses the arts as a portal for Creative Youth Development. A dedicated cadre of teaching artists and youth inspire and support each other as art makers and active citizens.

We create youth-activated safe spaces through three core programs:
-In-School Art Residencies
-Out-of-School-Time Programs
-Public Engagement Events

As an extension of our core values, ElevArte:

-Honors tradition and innovation
-Engages youth as change agents
-Promotes critical thinking, resourcefulness and resilience
-Listens and responds to the voices of our artists, youth and community

In our vision of the future, ElevArte animates and elevates the quality of life for every citizen in our community through equal access to the arts and technology.