Finding Forest Elephants

Your donation will help ensure that Africa's rainforests continue to resonate with the rumbles of forest elephants.

A fundraising campaign for Elephant Listening Project

Our elephants are disappearing, but in Central Africa there is still a chance of keeping them roaming the earth for future generations. By recording their conversations we learn where they are—together we can make a difference.

Forest elephants are found in the rainforests of the Congo Basin of Central Africa and are the only type of elephant still largely unconstrained by the encroachment of humans. But they are terribly threatened by poaching—at least 10% are killed each year for the ivory trade. Surprisingly, they are so hard to observe in the forests that we don't even know what places are most critical to their survival. This is where acoustic recording, the Elephant Listening Project, and you, can help. We desperately need to expand our listening network to more potential places, to find the hotspots, so that protection can be focused where it is needed most.

What will $7000 do?

  • A successful campaign will allow us to purchase 3 new recorders, batteries to power recording for one year, and the personnel and travel costs to have our Gabonese research assistant deploy instruments at three new sites!

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About the Organization

Elephant Listening Project

The Elephant Listening Project (ELP) is not just about elephants, but is also about people: researchers, supporters, colleagues, and friends, who together make ELP happen. Acoustic monitoring (recording the sounds in an environment) allows us to probe activities in habitats where direct observation is difficult or impossible.

Our focus is on forest elephants, a long-lived species with a complex social life and high intelligence. A species that shows empathy for other individuals and for their dead. To succeed in our goal to improve the survival chances of such magnificent creatures, ELP depends on a whole human community that cares.

The Elephant Listening Project is a not-for-profit organization associated with the Bioacoustics Research Program at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York. Since its inception, ELP has depended on financial support from a diversity of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and especially from private donors.