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Electric Run

Electric Run

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Our Electric Run events are as unique as each city. Since no two venues or communities are the same, every race experience is tailored to the location and crowd hosting us that night. With your city as a canvas, we use our palette of bright lights to paint the night and create a vibrant atmosphere full of color, sound and energy. Depending on where you attend an Electric Run event, you will witness between five and seven of the following themed Course Lands:
-Electro Rainforest
-Rainbow Road
-Sweet Tooth Acres
-Under the Sea
-Rockstar Powerhouse
-Electric Avenue
-Delta Station

We invite you to bring your creativity, smile, laugh, and leave dull at home. It is the collective light and creativity of the thousands of participants that brings this event to life! You are coming to have fun and experience something magical and different. Look the part! If it is bright-colored, blinks, shines, glows, or looks like something from another planet, it's perfect! Put it on and come celebrate with us!


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