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Care Coordination Program:
Elder Care Services is designated and contracted by the Illinois Department on Aging as the Community Care Coordination Program provider for DeKalb County seniors (60 years of age and older). Care Coordinators are trained and certified by Illinois Department on Aging. This purpose of this program is to assist older adults to remain independent and safe in their own homes as long as possible.
Care Coordination services originate in one of three settings- depending on the older adults’ current living situation. Each service name and setting is described below:
Name Living Arrangement
(1) Community Care Coordination: own homes
(2) Choices for Care/Nursing Home Pre-Screen: short-term hospitalization/ rehab facilities/
Long-term care facilities

In each living arrangement all care coordination services consist of the following activities:
a. Comprehensive assessment (screening) - to determine cognitive, functional, behavioral health, financial, and other needs that may cause barriers to living independently.
b. Plan of Care- to determine available community services that will mitigate the identified barriers.
c. IDOA income eligibility determination- only low income seniors are eligible for IDOA case management activities. For those that do not qualify for case management services (above IDOA income guidelines) a list of resources to address identified needs is provided.
d. Provider Selection- senior’s select from an IDOA certified list of community service providers. The Care Coordinator schedules service provision and authorizes IDOA payment to the provider.
e. Ongoing Care Coordination- monthly and ‘as needed’ supportive monitoring
f. Annual Re-assessment and updated plan of care
g. ‘Change of need’ Re-assessment and updated plan of care as required.

Adult Protective Services (Abuse, Neglect and Financial Exploitation):
Elder Care Services is designated as the only local protective service system for older adults and now persons with disabilities age 18-59. We provide a vital service in identifying and preventing the abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of vulnerable seniors and persons with disabilities in our community. Elder Abuse Investigators/case managers are IDOA trained and certified. Abuse, Neglect and Financial Exploitation services include:
a. Twenty-four hour hot-line with standardized report screening
b. Investigation of all reports with/or without substantiation
c. Case work and advocacy for substantiated victims to mitigate the effects of the abuse
d. Monthly Follow-up and monitoring (up to 12 months) to ensure low risk and the senior remains safely in their home.
e. Early Intervention Funds- temporary financial assistance to assist in alleviating effects of abusive situation.

Money Management Program:
Elder Care Services is designated as the sole provider of this Illinois Department on Aging program designed to assist individuals 60 years of age and older with money management issues and now persons with disabilities that are active Adult protective service clients . The need and authorization for money management service is determined through the care coordination assessment or APS abuse investigation process. The Money Management Coordinator is Illinois Department on Aging certified as Care Coordinator and a Certified Professional Accountant. Money management services include:

a. The Care Coordinator trains and provides oversight to 16 community volunteers selected to assist seniors and APS clients with financial issues.
b. Seniors and APS clients are ‘oversight’ assisted with budgeting, banking, advocacy with creditors, completing financial forms, and monitoring or acting as Representative payees.

Information and Assistance Program:
Elder Care Services is contracted by NIAAA to provide Information and Assistance for seniors, caregivers and professionals in DeKalb County. Information related to senior living is collected and available for review. Information concerning financial assistance, assistive technology, housing, energy assistance, pharmaceutical assistance and other relevant topics are available. ECS’s I & A Specialist is certified through the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) and the Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP). I&A services include:
a. Collection and organization of public and private benefit brochures and applications for seniors and their caregivers.
b. Development and updating of a Senior Resource Guide.
c. Provides guidance and assistance in identifying and applying for benefit programs at the federal, state, and local levels that a person, 60 years or older with low or very low income, may be eligible (i.e. Illinois Cares Rx and Medicare Part D, Illinois Circuit Breaker, and housing options, Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s Association, ) .
d. Assists with preparation of government benefit applications.
e. Assists with linkage to other senior service providers with follow-up monitoring
f. Official SHIP (Senior Health Insurance Program) Site location.

Self-Neglect Program

Elder Care Services has been providing case management to seniors and most recently, persons with disabilities age 18-59, in our community that are vulnerable and prone to self-neglecting behaviors that are not in their best interests. Some of these self-neglecting behaviors include hoarding, animal hoarding, neglect of personal cleanliness, lack of financial follow through and refusal to take prescribed medications. ECS is aware that most self-neglecting behaviors are associated with mental health disorders. ECS has been the agency that residents and professionals have turned to over the years to assist with these individuals. Self-neglect has only recently come into the spotlight as an issue within communities due to media coverage. However, ECS has been working with and assisting these clients since ECS began, unfunded. As an agency, ECS is seeing more and more of these self-neglecting cases being referred to our agency. Our goal is to assist these clients with receiving the proper treatment if necessary and to assist them to remain in their home and community safe and healthy. Many times ECS may have to coordinate with local hospitals and mental health facilities to get these clients the help and care that they may need. Our trained care coordinators follow protocol that is similar to Adult Protective Services. Additionally, these clients are staffed anonymously within our Self-Neglect task Force that was previously implemented with local authorities, law enforcement, EMS, state’s Attorney and county code and animal code enforcement representatives.

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