50 for 50: Happy Birthday, Margaret Shackell

Margaret has cleverly devised this generous plan to raise money for ETC and many other worthy causes, as a celebration of her 50th birthday.

A fundraising campaign for Educate the Children

Educate the Children (ETC) was founded in 1990. Our three interrelated program areas are:

·      Women’s empowerment: Through their participation in ETC-sponsored women’s groups, women become literate, learn basic business skills such as handling money and keeping records, and establish their own small businesses to help support their families.

·      Education: ETC covers the costs of fees, uniforms, and supplies for children who would not otherwise be able to attend school. We also improve schools by training teachers; launching kindergarten programs; providing classroom supplies; and making physical improvements to the buildings, including ensuring the availability of clean drinking water.

·      Agricultural development: ETC training and resources improve farmers’ crop yields and increase the variety of foods grown. In this way, we help ensure better nutrition and food security, and farming families’ incomes increase.

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About the Organization

Educate the Children works with women and children in Nepal to improve health, welfare, and self-sufficiency by building skills that families can pass down to later generations.

We improve the quality of education for children in grades pre-K through 12, help women gain the skills and confidence to make better lives for themselves and their families, and enable farmers to grow more nutritious food using eco-friendly methods.