Raising money, to Help Marine Bio & Eviro Students

A fundraising campaign for Eco-Mara®

Saving and Protecting our Planet Earth, by helping Students. Raising money, to Help Marine Biology & Environmental Students. Any amount, BIG or small. ♥Thanks!♥

Saving and Protecting our Planetby helping Students.
The Ocean takes up 71% of the surface of our Earth.  
We must have enough Marine Biologists and Environmentalists around to help save our Planet.

Accomplished in 2019

During 2019, Eco-Mara® and Pwani University, proudly helped 18 students do research projects in Kilifi, Kenya. (sentence include clickable links)

Goal set for 2020
Now, in 2020, our next goal, are to help students in Texas with a small scholarship.

We feel the Indian Ocean had much to disclose about it's well being, starting with the Coral reef located at Bofa-Mnarani stretch. The abundance of sea urchins caused by the lack of predators. Parrotfish and triggerfish have been overfished in that area, leaving the sea urchins to disable the coral reefs.

Reefs are critical to keeping healthy. They help coastlines stay stable, and the ecosystems are the richest in the World, protect habitat, and shelter many essential species.

The importance of Marine Biologists and Environmental Scientists are critical.

Saving and Protecting our Planetby helping Students.

With any one of these degrees, 

they could work in Government, 

to accomplish, the changes, 

our Earth needs.

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About the Organization

It is our Mission to protect and preserve wildlife and sea life by giving young adults the opportunity to receive a scholarship in the area of Conservation/Environmental related degrees. Young adults are the future of our environment, with this opportunity we can implement passionate people to make sure that wildlife and our planet will be protected for future generations. Just in Africa alone there are many countries who have children interested in protecting their natural heritage. Many other countries around the globe also have young adults who are willing to dedicate their life to saving wildlife. Our organization will make sure that every young adult has what it takes to make a difference.
Raising funds for the training of rangers can be beneficial in saving rhinos and elephants from the poaching epidemic in Africa. K-9 units are extremely helpful in tracking and deterring poachers.