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Eco-Mara will be giving their first Scholarship in Jan 2018 in the Country of Kenya, Please donate in 2018 Big Give, we need your support.

A fundraising campaign for Eco-Mara

My story started when I was 8 years of age when I got my first glimpse of African wildlife from watching the TV show Hatari. For years I continued to take an interest in anything related to Africa.

In 2009 I became involved with a conservation group that touched on all aspects of wildlife throughout the globe. Wildlife on this planet is diminishing at an accelerating rate due to various reasons, poaching of thousands of rhinos and elephants, deforestation which is the loss of habitat for many creatures, unsustainable fishing practices, the killing of wolves and lions, climate change is endangering polar bears because their habitat is melting and warming up. There are many more things happening, but this is just a few examples of what is going on that can cause future problems for wildlife.

I became exposed to young adolescents in countries such as Africa and the Philippines, many who have the drive to save their natural heritage for the sake of future generations. Many of us believe the children of today are our environmental future of tomorrow, this is the reason I started Eco-Mara, I want to help children obtain their dreams to help wildlife and the environment of this planet, it seems younger people have more of an understanding of what is at stake here for our future.

The students who can obtain these scholarships have to meet certain criteria in order to qualify. In order to obtain a scholarship they must be the best contestant out of other students who are required to write an essay of why they have chosen their  field of study and what are their plans to make a difference in our environment. We will not be limited to certain Countries, we want to help children all over the globe who truly has the passion, these are just a few of the degrees we approve. 

·       Biology

·       Marine Biology

·       Wildlife Management

·       Zoology

·       Environmental science

·       Veterinarian Medicine

·       Forestry




December 2, 2017

Eco-Mara will be giving it's first Scholarship in January 2018 in the Country of Kenya. We appreciate the people who donated to  Eco-Mara in the Big Give last year 2017 looking forward to the BIG GIVE 2018 

About the Organization

It is our Mission to protect and preserve wildlife and sea life by giving young adults the opportunity to receive a scholarship in the area of Conservation/Environmental related degrees. Young adults are the future of our environment, with this opportunity we can implement passionate people to make sure that wildlife and our planet will be protected for future generations. Just in Africa alone there are many countries who have children interested in protecting their natural heritage. Many other countries around the globe also have young adults who are willing to dedicate their life to saving wildlife. Our organization will make sure that every young adult has what it takes to make a difference.
Raising funds for the training of rangers can be beneficial in saving rhinos and elephants from the poaching epidemic in Africa. K-9 units are extremely helpful in tracking and deterring poachers.