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Visual Habitat Assessment Scorer

Hosted by: Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation


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Robert Hughes
(570) 371-3523

About Visual Habitat Assessment Scorer


Do you like biology? Are you the outdoors type? Can you survive mosquitoes, black flies, and potentially ticks jumping on you at every chance they can? Well, if so, then you might want to work with EPCAMR on conducting visual habitat assessments for stream corridors throughout our region in your hometown. EPCAMR will teach you and certify you in visual habitat assessment scoring criteria to help us determine how healthy a stream corridor ecosystem is for fish life, aquatic insects, wildlife, and animals in general.

It's a great opportunity to go on hikes along your local streams, document what they look like, what you see around them, what you see in them, and to take photos of your pathways walked to help us at the same time.

We're looking for volunteers who:

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  • The outdoors
    The Outdoors

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Submit Visual Habitat Assessment data forms to EPCAMR

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EPCAMR requests that our volunteers submit their completed Visual Habitat Assessment forms back to our Staff through e-mail or via mail at this time. We're looking to put the database online where our volunteers can just upload the data through an online form in the near future.
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Pick a Local Stream or Tributary Near Your Home to conduct the Visual Habitat Ass...

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EPCAMR is interested in gathering visual habitat assessment data from our volunteers in Northeastern and NorthCentral PA in the areas and watersheds where our volunteers live. Keeping our volunteers close to their home and neighborhoods allows us to obtain a broader sampling of sites and stream corridors throughout our service area. EPCAMR will teach each volunteer how to conduct the assessments using our form.
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