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AMD Tie-Dye T-shirt Volunteers

Hosted by: Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation


Ongoing Opportunity


Contact coordinator for times


Robert Hughes
(570) 371-3523

About AMD Tie-Dye T-shirt Volunteers


Have fun learning how to Tie-Dye T-shirts and support a great cause - Saving the Environment!!! And if you already know how to Tie-Dye you're STILL needed to help to show other youth and students how to create the various random patterns that could be used in this activity. Iron oxide that is recycled from mine drainage impacted streams is utilized in the dying process to create the shirts. EPCAMR has made over 15,000 T-shirts in the last 10 years alone with students, the general public, conference attendees, campers, and at environmental fairs and workshops throughout NE and NC PA. Every shirt that you make removes a small amount of iron oxide from our streams to help restore them.

If you can tie rubber bands tight, have some knowledge of the various patterns one can create, and you don't mind getting your hands dirty for awhile, then this is the volunteer opportunity for you! We use tap water, baking soda, and our own recycled iron oxide in the process of creating the shirts. T-shirts that are ready made are available for sale on our website at our online store at

EPCAMR will inform you of when our events are going to be held and you are more than welcome to join us. Most events are BYOT (Bring your own T-shirts) because we couldn't possibly be able to afford to give the shirts away. We are always looking for sponsors to get their name on some donated boxes of T-shirts for the little kids that we provide this family fun activity to throughout the year.


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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