Drive a Senior - Elgin

Drive a Senior - Elgin

About Us

Drive a Senior – Elgin (DaS) is an Elgin-based non-profit group organized to help senior adults maintain their independence through services that assist them in monitoring their health and enhancing the quality of their lives. Transportation is, by far, our most requested service. Other support services are offered upon request.

Many of us take our independence for granted. We hop in our vehicles to run to the grocery store, doctor’s office, salon, to see family and friends and perform other activities as we go about our daily routines. Imagine not having the ability to drive to pick up medication or groceries, get a haircut, or even to see your doctor(s) when needed. Elderly Americans, at all income levels, become transportation dependent at some point in their lives. We outlive our driving abilities by an average of 7 to 10 years. Transportation = Independence.

Drive a Senior – Elgin depends on grants and donations to sustain our program. Your donations help us continue providing vital support services to over 130 local seniors. During 2018, DaS provided over 4,400 rides and drove over 37,000 miles helping our clients get where they needed and wanted to go. Your generosity will assuredly help us keep up with the growing demand to serve local senior citizens.


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