DreamCatchers New Hampshire

DreamCatchers New Hampshire

About Us

DreamCatchers New Hampshire is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides social and personal growth opportunities for individuals with learning and developmental disabilities or mental health experience. We provide an accepting environment for our members to make friends, have fun and be embraced for their differences. We partner with schools where programs are provided on location, typically after school hours. We help build skills around communication, relationships and self-advocacy for individuals of different abilities. To learn more, visit www.DreamCatchersNH.org

Our Mission:
To provide an environment to catch all teens and young adults who don't have a place to belong, but have dreams of being part of a community and making friends.

Website: http://www.DreamCatchersNH.org

We Care About

Disability Services
Community Advocacy

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Dena Stahlheber