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We celebrated five years of service in August. We have welcomed over 500 individuals to our tribe and supported over 200 in achieving their individual employment goals.

In this last year we have seen several Flying PIGs return to to work on new goals that continue to move them in the direction of their dream job.

We have declared ourselves to be a virtual NPO using money to support people not places. With the help of technology and Flying PIGs and NEW Coaches across the country, we are now offering our services on a national level. Our tribe is growing in Arizona, upstate NY, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Your help in raising this money will continue to subsidize the success of more new members.

For more information on our success stories. visit was founded by Cynthia Kay Wade in March 2014. It is a nonprofit career coaching center. Wade’s prior experience includes 11 years as a third-party corporate recruiter in the high-power business world of Chicago. When the recession hit, Wade lost her job in a company-wide re-org. Inspired by seeing so many talented, professionals suddenly left jobless, Wade began as a way to help people whose lives had turned upside down.

She quickly discovered just how many lives that meant. Not just those who had been working and now were not, but those who had been out of the workforce for some time and wanted to return (think stay-at-home parents) and those wanting to enter the workforce for the first time (think clueless young adults).

95% of the individuals who stay with succeed in finding their way to successful and meaningful employment..

Services at are offered on a sliding-scale, meaning anyone, whether their annual income is $20,000 or $500,000, receives the same services including résumé creation and revision, LinkedIn profile creation and revision, interview prep, and career coaching.

In addition to this, members of are privy to specialty workshops such as exclusive our networking series and personal assessments, speakers, book clubs, and more. Our unique approach, providing a coaching team to support individuals has a proven track record of success.

If you or someone you care about has experienced the hopeless feeling of unemployment, please support our #GivingTuesday initiative.


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