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Diocese of Juneau

Diocese of Juneau

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The Diocese of Juneau is a mission diocese covering 37,566 square miles – an area larger than the State of Indiana. Although the diocese is one of the largest in area in the United States, with only 7,500 Catholics, it is the smallest diocese in population in the country.

The Diocese is located in the Southeastern Panhandle of the state of Alaska - a 500-mile-long string of islands, peninsulas, mountains and fjords stretching from Yakutat to Metlakatla, with a population of 75,000. Approximately 20% of the area’s population is Alaskan Native.

There are 33 communities in SE Alaska, but only 3 with a population over 10,000. Only a couple communities are accessible by road, with the vast majority only accessible by air or water. The major towns have commercial air service but the rural communities are accessible only by ferry or air taxi.

The Diocese currently has 7 priests serving 9 parishes, 17 missions, and one Catholic school.

In FY18, the Diocese had an operating budget of $1.6 million, with over 34% of its revenue coming from Catholic grant agencies and 5% from donations and mission appeals.


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