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DeSoto County Environmental Services

DeSoto County Environmental Services

About Us

Desoto County Environmental Services' mission is to promote proper environmental practices through educational programs, services, and community activities that will continue to protect the integrity of DeSoto County’s natural landscape, so all generations can enjoy the beauty and quality of life that has made our County an environmental flagship.

Air Quality Division:
We team with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and the DeSoto County OZONE Action Group to provide educational programs to our community about DeSoto County’s ozone and what it means to our future. We assist citizens with ways we can all work together to help reduce emissions.

Code Enforcement Division:
Officers work closely with our community to assist with Desoto County zoning regulations, building codes, and the County litter ordinance.

Stormwater Management Division:
We team with our citizens to help provide education to the community about stormwater and how it affects the future and welfare of DeSoto County. We also manage the DeSoto County Stormwater Management Plan which includes assisting developers, builders, engineers, and property owners with Stormwater permitting and Stormwater site inspections. We are responsible for making sure the County is in compliance with all MDEQ regulations regarding our MS4 permit. We conduct employee training and education for all departments within our respective entity.

Recycle and Solid Waste Division:
We team with various Civic and Government facilities to assist with the intake of recyclable goods. We have eighteen mobile trailers at various locations set up throughout Desoto County where recyclable goods such as paper/cardboard, metal/aluminum, oil, tires, and e-waste are dropped off by the citizens. Our department takes them to a processing plant to be reused. We also team closely with our contracted Waste Disposal Provider to ensure proper pick-up and disposal of household garbage.

Our division processes and procures all household garbage disposal fees for DeSoto County, including the five Municipalities. We do the same for all County Government commercial facilities.

Within our respective duties includes management of the County’s Rubbish pit located on Sandridge Road. We work with our contractor to oversee operations and ensure a service area for citizens to dispose of rubbish. We offer a variety of drop-off recycle options at the pit including metal, white goods, aluminum, and e-waste.

The DeSoto County Environmental Services Department was developed in October 2008. Since it's inception, we have progressively developed all our environmental programs to help better serve our citizens and the community.


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