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Volunteer Shuttle Cart Driver

Hosted by: Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center


Ongoing Opportunity


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Debra Schlosser

About Volunteer Shuttle Cart Driver


Volunteer will provide patients and visitors with mobility assistance as necessary, from their car to the clinic areas.

•All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.

•Must be able to maintain an "attitude of gratitude" about helping Veterans.

•Must maintain a friendly, courteous countenance.

•Must be responsible, dependable and reliable.

•Must be willing to learn the layout of the facility.

•Must be willing to learn how to operate/maintain the shuttle cart.

•Must be willing and able to communicate with other staff, visitors, and drivers and work as a team.

•Excellent Customer Service skills.

•On the job training is provided to each driver.

•One day "Buddy System" is established so a new driver and ride with and experience driver to learn routine.

•Knowledge of facility and staff.

Application Process

Please contact Voluntary Service at 570-821-7237 to schedule an interview.

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