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DAY ONE Early Learning Community

DAY ONE Early Learning Community

About Us

DAY ONE’s Mission is to create a model teaching and early learning community in Poughkeepsie, New York, where families, educators and future teachers collaborate to nurture every child’s potential, from day one. We hope to replicate this model throughout the country, illustrating that city, county and community-wide revitalization can occur when we invest in our youngest.

We are fostering community-wide understanding of what Early Childhood Education (ECE) is (including the social/emotional dimensions of early learning), why it is transformative, and how we can provide it to Poughkeepsie children, so that broad and diverse constituencies participate in shaping and sustaining DAY ONE's mission.

DAY ONE has created a laboratory school where ECE teachers pursue a 10-week master apprenticeship program centered on hands-on interaction with children ages 5 and under. In the process of training teachers, the DAY ONE Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) will also provide high-quality ECE to approximately 120 children.

We will maintain a staff of Exchange Teachers who will replace DAY ONE apprentices, during their ten-week program, at their current ECE jobs. We will partner with Dutchess Community College's early childhood education program, so that DAY ONE's ten-week apprenticeship also serves new teachers entering the field.

We will provide ongoing wage support to DAY ONE-certified teachers, as well as professional support to them and to the DAY ONE affiliate provider centers (APCs) where they teach.

DAY ONE is providing technical assistance to employers, non-profits, government agencies, churches, or others who seek to create APCs; serve as matchmakers to bring together potential funders, providers, teachers, and sites.

By investing in teachers, families, young children, and the local community, we will dramatically improve the overall economic health of Poughkeepsie. Together, our workforce development, parent empowerment, and early childhood education, will increase jobs, improve family life, and of course ensure our youngest citizens are positioned to be thriving members of the community.


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