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D.C. Habitat for Humanity

D.C. Habitat for Humanity

About Us

There’s no place like home… Well, for some of us.
But for others, home is not such a nice place. For some, it’s a building in major disrepair, a space that’s horribly overcrowded — or even worse, a place that doesn’t exist at all.

You’ll find them not just in third world countries, but here, in the shadow of D.C.’s mighty monuments, on the streets of our nation’s capital. They are our neighbors. And just as our museums and memorials belong to the D.C. community, so do the sub-standard homes of our city’s less fortunate.

At Habitat for Humanity of Washington, D.C., we believe that all our neighbors deserve safe, comfortable homes they can afford – and there’s no better way to build our communities than to lend a hand. Because when we all donate what we can – whether it’s time, talent or money – we can build more homes for those in need.


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Paula Katrina Drago
(202) 882-4600 x227