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Come “Dine with Purpose”. Enjoy great food and help your community at the same time. At Curt’s Cafe, we provide life skills, job training, job placement, and post-placement support to young men and women ages 15 to 24 from Evanston and the Greater Chicago Area. Our students contend with issues of court involvement, pregnancy and young parenthood, unstable housing, food insecurity, and poverty. Our individualized, needs-based program provides them the job training and social service support they need to gain and retain employment and move their lives forward in positive directions. While at Curt’s, the students matriculate through a 3 month Workforce Curriculum, learning kitchen skills, cashier skills and customer service standards, all while being supported in a holistic, social service network. The workforce curriculum is a three-tiered training workbook based on Ownership, Leadership, and Legacy. Students work with our full-time, on-site social service provider, who helps meet specific needs by connecting those served to local resources including GED tutoring, childcare, and housing options. Through daily group sessions, our programming includes a Life Skills Curriculum, which empowers our students to build self-confidence and recognize their greatest worth through community building and peer-to-peer sharing. We tailor these sessions specifically to meet expressed needs, often focusing on healthy relationships, fiscal responsibility, self-advocacy platforms, education, parenting, and more. Our young people are overcoming many barriers and continue to show incredible resilience and unwavering potential. Since opening in 2012, we have served approximately 200 students, currently averaging 50 per year, per cafe. We hope we continue to grow so that we may serve more students, more effectively.


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