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Crandall Historical Printing Museum Inc

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As visitors to the Crandall Museum learn through hands-on experience the methods of invention and printing, they also are taught by expert docents the significant impact printing has had on world history. This story is seldom told or preserved, even in the school systems. The process of re-discovery of these printing methods at the museum has also helped to uncover new understandings of the past and develop greater insights and appreciations of the inventors, philosophers and printers that have so shaped our current events. Outreach programs, community events, research, publication and academic support are part of the museum's educational mission.

The Crandall Historical Printing Museum’s mission is to cultivate educational and spiritual development by providing comprehensive “living documentaries” of the evolution of the written and printed word, including its impact on civilization while fostering an understanding of the providential orchestrating of these inventions.


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