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Cradle to Career

About Us

Cradle to Career is a collaborative effort of several organizations and individuals to ensure that all of our infants, children youth, pre-birth to age 24, are healthy, happy and successful.
While our focus is Tompkins County some of our activities will include youth from Seneca and Tioga Counties since TST BOCES is a critical partner in this effort.

All youth and their families have what they need to ensure that our children and youth, pre-birth to age 24 are successful at every stage of development. This means that they are physically and emotionally healthy, active community members, and on-track for living wage employment.

Our commitment
We commit to work together to ensure that Tompkins County is a community where everyone can belong, learn, work, and flourish, and where we all act to restore and preserve our natural environment.
We will align our actions toward this end, set measurable goals to track our progress, and hold each other accountable.
We intend to succeed.

Desired Outcomes
Belong. All residents feel valued, safe, included, and able to participate in shaping community decisions.
Learn. All children and adults have the knowledge and skills needed to build a good life for themselves and those around them.
Work. All residents who wish to work have adequate opportunities for meaningful employment at an income sufficient to sustain themselves and their families.
Flourish. All children have a safe, nourishing childhood. All individuals and families are able to meet their basic human needs, enjoy life and achieve their full potential.
Sustain. All our behaviors and decisions ensure that we can restore and preserve the natural world.


This effort is led by a coalition of organizations and individuals who are fully committed to the vision.

The mission of the Cradle to Career Leadership Group is to create and maintain an effective “backbone” for this collective impact initiative including:

• A community-wide common agenda
• Shared measures of success and effective methods for using and sharing data about key measures
• Mutually reinforcing activities across sectors including: business, human service organizations, schools, government, faith communities, families and youth.
• An effective and inclusive communication infrastructure

Cradle to Career Leadership Group:
Right now the group includes: TST BOCES, Child Development Council, Village at Ithaca, the Building Bridges Initiative, CCE, Engaged Cornell, Collaborative Solutions Network, Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce, Ithaca Youth Bureau, Tompkins County Youth Services and The Tompkins County Health Department, Franziska Racker Centers, Early Childhood Development Collaborative, GIAC, Tompkins County Council of Governments (TCCOG), Mamas Comfort Camp, My Brother’s Keeper, Tompkins Cortland Community College, Ithaca College and Family Reading Partnership.


We Care About

Health and Wellness
Poverty and Hunger

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Kirby Edmonds