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Volunteers are matched with children in foster care on a 1 to 1 basis, or volunteer to a sibling set of no more than three (3) siblings, due to adjudicated cases of child abuse or neglect.

Volunteers establish relationships with the child(ren) appointed, foster care caseworkers, biological/natural families, foster families/group foster care providers, therapists, teachers and other community-based service providers to gather information regarding the best interests and needs of the child(ren) appointed to them.

Volunteer Advocates provide information gathered to the Court for Judges consideration in placement, visitations, needed services, and permanency planning.

Persons interested must be:
- Over 21 years old
- Free of felony level criminal convictions
- Free of founded child abuse and neglect investigations
- Free of sexual offense registry
- Commit to at least one (1) year of service
- Commit to completion of 30 hours of certification training
- Commit to 12 hours of annual training after certification
- Commit to approximately 6 - 10 hours of monthly time

Application Process

Please email your name and phone number to
A staff person will contact you.
An orientation meeting will be scheduled.
An application form will be provided.
Background screening information will be provided.

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

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    Social Justice
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    Community Advocacy

Are a skilled:

  • Mentor

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