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Bioblitz at D Ranch Preserve

Hosted by: Conservation Florida


May 22, 2021
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Jessica Modriskey

About Bioblitz at D Ranch Preserve


Join Conservation Florida for an exclusive first-look at D Ranch Preserve! You'll be joined by Conservation Florida staff and subject matter experts on guided hikes to experience wild Florida, learn about iNaturalist, and hear about our conservation efforts!


What's a bioblitz?
Participants come together to find, COUNT, and identify as many species of plants, animals, microbes, fungi, and other organisms as they can spot!

Who should attend?
Everyone! We will have activities throughout the day that are designed to be fun and informative for families, community groups, and people of all ages and abilities. A smartphone is required to participate in the species cataloging activities but not needed to enjoy learning about and experiencing natural Florida.

Interested in being a subject matter expert or volunteer?
Contact Jessica at for more information.

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