Concord Multicultural Festival c/o Granite United Way

Concord Multicultural Festival c/o Granite United Way

About Us

Our mission is to create a Welcoming Community for all by fostering a culture of appreciation for diversity, providing engaging learning opportunities, and empowering new Americans with opportunities to successfully integrate and be part of our community.

The Festival celebrates the common natural differences we all share and is a place we can build common ground with others to make our community stronger. We believe there is great benefit in sharing stories, traditions, faiths, and food from all cultures, including the ones of our Native peoples and the many cultures that have settled here throughout our history. But there is still much work to be done that a one day event can’t accomplish. So, we are increasing our efforts and building a new organization so that we can do the work of creating a welcoming community, supporting diversity in New Hampshire EVERY day.


We Care About

Arts and Culture
Community Advocacy
Social Justice

Contact Information

Jessica Livingston