Access = Accessibility: Automatic Doors Needed

Please help CommunityHealth significantly improve the accessibility of our facility for those with limited mobility - our two front doors must be automatic!

A fundraising campaign for CommunityHealth

CommunityHealth is dedicated to expanding access to health care, and what is access to health care without access to health care facilities? We have been improving the accessibility of our building for the past years (big thanks to all the amazing physical therapists who supported 2019's campaign to secure a second hydraulic exam table!). 

The time has come to address the most immediate and perhaps most costly barrier - literally the first thing everyone encounters upon approaching our building - our front doors.

For those who know and frequent our space, chances are strong that many of you have found yourself entering or exiting at just the right time to be able to open and hold the door for those who might have otherwise struggled to enter or exit, struggled with the doors yourself, or both - at least once if not many times over. 

Please consider making a contribution to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability or means of mobility, can enter our space safely and independently. This investment will make a tremendous impact on the accessibility of CommunityHealth's facility for all, and ensure that we more honestly and concretely display our commitment to health care access.

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About the Organization

Founded in 1993, CommunityHealth is dedicated to serving the uninsured and underserved in Chicago and surrounding communities. Every year, CommunityHealth provides more than 15,000 medical and dental visits to thousands of patients. CommunityHealth is a place where Chicagoans are helping Chicagoans. Our supporters are contributing to the education of the next generation of medical professionals, who are providing essential health care to those who fall through the cracks of the established system. Keeping these individuals healthy makes the city stronger, one individual at a time.