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Community Mental Health Group

Community Mental Health Group

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Seeking to support their clients as they continued their journey of recovery, Dr. Taryn Feuerberg opened Community Mental Health Group in 2019 with a group of her supervisees when the facility where they worked terminated the outpatient therapy program. Then came 2020. The year brought so much stress, chaos, and uncertainty to the world, and CMHG stepped up to the plate to serve those who were struggling with their mental health. As COVID19 continued, CMHG found itself expanding to the virtual therapy space, and thus discovered an ability to provide support to people in other states, those in rural communities without local mental health professionals, and those seeking to stay at home during the political/social unrest and climbing infection rates. CMHG achieved 501(c)(3) non-profit status this year.

If you ask Dr. Taryn, she would say that CMHG serves two main purposes:

1. Providing the option of low-cost mental health services from high-quality trained and educated professionals to everyone. Let's be honest. Insurance policies are not written with the patients' best interests at heart, leaving unwitting consumers with sky-high deductibles that will never be met, and thus leaving them basically uninsured without access to care. Many mental health professionals also choose not to accept insurance as payment because of the unreasonably low reimbursement rate, which unfortunately trickles down and impacts those seeking support.

2. Providing a no-cost start-up option to pre-licensed or newly-licensed therapists/coaches who do not have the financial ability to open their own practice and wait for a full caseload, which can take years to build. School is expensive enough, and the many years in low-paying intern/associateships while waiting to get licensed further impacts long-term finances and delaying career goals. CHMG provides a community, consultation, and support for those just getting started in the field.

We also believe in a good fit with your coach or therapist, so we will always provide a free 15-minute consultation to give you a chance to interview us, and discuss any questions about payment so that you have all the info up front.


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