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Community Mental Health (Clinton, Eaton, Ingham)

Community Mental Health (Clinton, Eaton, Ingham)

About Us

The community mental health movement in this country was founded on the belief that mental health services are best provided in the community in which the person receiving such service lives. In keeping with this philosophy, Community Mental Health provides a wide range of community-based services. Annually, the organization serves over 10,000 persons at 122 sites throughout the tri-county region.

In an effort to make the most of this community’s resources, Community Mental Health recognizes the value of, and is committed to, hundreds of partnerships with a wide range of parties. These partnerships, carried out in the form of multiple party collaborative efforts and two-party agreements, are fundamental to the provision of comprehensive and seamless mental health care service delivery.

Today, with over 900 employees, Community Mental Health has become the 15th largest employer in the region, and through contracts with other providers, makes an investment of an additional 500 jobs in our community.


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