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Community Inclusive Recreation (CIR)

About Us

Our community is you! CIR facilitates recreational activities in Calhoun County for people of ALL abilities, ALL ages, ALL ethnicities, ALL incomes levels, and ALL genders...ALL people.

Inclusion is an attitude, a philosophy, not a "program." Inclusion is accepting and responding to individual needs and differences. The goal is not to make everyone the same; rather to appreciate the uniqueness and look for the gifts and talents of each individual. Inclusive activities benefit everyone involved building social skills, learning from peers, increasing understanding and patience, and improving communication. What participants learn with CIR affects them throughout their life at work, at home, and in the community.
All people deserve the opportunity to live a meaningful life.

Recreation activities are developed by society for the primary purpose of fun and enjoyment: sports, art, entertainment, free time, etc. Recreation contributes to a full and meaningful life - a life worth living - by providing individual freedom, choices, new opportunities, and challenges.


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