Kidville Fund

Help provide a safe and enriching environment for kids and Vermont's Common Ground Center.

A fundraising campaign for Common Ground Center

Kidville is the hub for children's activities at Common Ground Center. The facility is a renovated horse barn with an arts and crafts room, a gym, play rooms, and an adjoining playground.

The Kidville Fund will help us to upgrade this area to realize a vision for children’s spaces that are made for carefree play filled with light, and child-centered comforts. Spaces where children will enter with a sense of wonder and excitement. A facility that tells our children, “we love and respect you."

Your support will help improve the Kidville facilities including:

  •  replacing the roof to allow more natural light to enter the space and prevent leaks

  •       replacing our well-used small playground with a safer, more accessible structure,

  •       resurfacing the floor to make the space more comfortable,

  •       remodeling the bathroom,
  •       and many more small surprises to make the space more child-friendly.

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About the Organization

Since 1994, hundreds of families from all around the world have come together as part of our unique family camp programs, creating lasting relationships with one another while engaging in life-long learning and community building.
Our vision for a better world begins with healthy families and communities in which diversity is honored and celebrated. Join us in creating a place where families—in all their forms—come to learn, play, and grow together. A place where families of different economic and cultural backgrounds have the opportunity to become part of a shared community, connecting and learning from one another.